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Single Event

Add image(s), description, location and time for your event, which will showcase all of your upcoming events in card format. Buyers will see this on “homepage” and or in the specific “category page”.

we do it all

Folks who use EazyTicks have events that range far and wide, big and small. We'll grow with your event, so don't worry about needing to add more tickets or seats. Scaling up is simple and straightforward.

Pricing with EazyTicks

For events that cost money, the EazyTicks fee is 2% + $1, with a 3% credit card fee. You can pay the fees yourself, or pass the fees on to your buyers.

Event day management

EazyTicks iOS and Android app

Check people in at the event with our QR code scanner. With our iOS and Android app.

View and Print Tickets

Admin or buyers can view and print the ticket from there dashboard just clicking the print button. Reprinting older ticket orders is just as easy.

Coming Soon

Other inovative features are in pipline and will be available soon. You may request any feature(s) you want and our development team will make it available for you.


We're here for you

Have a question? Our customer success team is available 9am - 5pm ET with emergency support on nights and weekends.